WhatsApp improves PiP Mode on its Android app with latest beta

WhatsApp beta for Android

Facebook-owned WhatsApp rolled out Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode for its iPhone app last year in May, and it extended this feature to its Android app later in December. However, the PiP Mode on Android app has a limitation – it plays video only inside a chat. Well, WhatsApp fixes that with the latest beta update.

With beta version 2.19.86 of WhatsApp for Android, the company has improved the PiP Mode so that it works similar to how it does on an iPhone. The improved PiP Mode continues playing the video in a small window if you exit the chat, minimize the app, or switch to another app. This hasn’t been the case with WhatsApp’s Android app until now.

WhatsApp beta for Android


WhatsApp is still testing this feature so it’s not yet available for all Android users, but we are hopeful that everything will go smooth and the rollout will begin soon.

WhatsApp is also rolling out a new feature with this beta version that plays consecutive voice messages automatically. It’s been under development since November last year and is now enabled for users remotely.

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