Android -The Bitter Betrayal Of Trust For Steve Jobs

apple vs-Android

Steve Jobs was quite clear about his position in Apple. So why he need to collaborate with someone else. Steve hates the idea of android until his last breath. For most people, Android came with candied flavor but for Steve, it is like the bitter betrayal of trust.

Apple and Android both are the biggest competitors of the mobile market. And tries to take over it. But at starting both companies have a friendship relation and collaborate on many projects. Here are factors why he never collaborates with android:-

YEAR 2001:

In 2001, Google founders approach Steve and ask him to become the CEO of Google. But at that time he has a great position in Apple, so he gently denied for their offer.


However, Steve offered to give suggestions and advised them to gain great success. Steve found that Google is a great company which is not going to overlap with Apple’s vision. At that time there is a better relation between these companies was evident.

YEAR 2004:

Apple secretly starts working on his dream project of i-phone and they start developing their initial version. No one expecting that, not even in the company. There are only a few bunches of people who know about this project.

YEAR 2005:

Google secretly bought android. No one at that exactly knows what they do, Not even Steve. Google has some other intentions. According to some reports, Android built software, the operating system for wireless devices.

Steve is totally unaware of Google intentions.

Year 2006:

In this year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt joins board meeting of Apple, which shows that there is still a better relation between these companies. After some time iPhone collaborates with Google to release of google map on iPhone.

Apple gave its new iPhone design to google to ensure that google maps should work properly on their new model.

YEAR 2007:

Apple launched its first iPhone and the world shocked that day.

STEVE jobs
Steve Jobs Launching First iPhone

And Google not having much idea about how iPhone would look like—built their first prototype of Android. No wonder it looked like this. Steve job iPhone launching full video-


click here to know more about first android phone-

first android phone



After Steve’s presentation , Google decide to take over the whole mobile phone market. The Google engineers immediately went to the drawing board and started designing the touch-based phones.


YEAR 2008:

Until this point, Steve was thinking Android would just be a Google’s

Different iPhone models
Different iPhone models

hobby. And he didn’t see Google as a serious competitor.


But then he found out that Google was serious about building a mobile phone by in that way competing directly with iPhone.


At one particularly heated meeting in 2008 on Google’s campus,

-Mr. Jobs angrily told Google executives that “if they deployed a version of multi-touch — the popular iPhone feature that allows users to control their devices with flicks of their fingers

— he would sue.”

But don’t to lose their control over the phone market. And Apple blows them out by their touch phone. Obviously, Google couldn’t let it go to placate Jobs.

YEAR 2009-10:

Android-powered started talking over the market. It becomes concerned for Steve of Android becoming the power of phone marketing. So he starts criticizing them for copying the touch feature of iPhone. In a conference, he said-

“They chose to enter into our market. We didn’t enter into the search space. Make no mistake they want to kill iPhone. All the don’t be evil is a big BS!”

And from here the war begins, but after Steve’s death, there must be a few chances that Tim cook may collaborate with Apple.

So why Steve Jobs never collaborate with Android, Probably he wants to destroy Android and try to make them away from mobile phone world.

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