Nokia- Journey Towards The End Of Its Golden Era

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Risto Siilasmaa launching his book
Risto Siilasmaa

Nokia chairman –Risto Siilasmaa, pointed finger at former CEO of Nokia Jorma Ollila, over the Mobile phone fall from the grace in his newly launched book. This book opens the old wound of Finland for which Nokia is a matter of pride.



Nokia was once viewed with national

Jorma Ollila former CEO of nokia
Jorma Ollila

pride of Finland. Because of its successful mobile business which made it by far World’s largest company. At its peak in 2000, during the telecomes bubble, Nokia alone accounted for 4% of the country’s GDP, 21% of total exports, and 70% of the Helsinki Stock Exchange market capital. Nokia Corporation has 153-year long history.

Nokia was the world’s largest mobile handset maker and Europe’s highest value company at its peak.


Nokia is unable to detect the threat to its existence raised by touchscreen smartphone. The first touch screen was launched by iPhone in 2007. It has since sold off its handset business, with thousands of jobs lost along the way, and is now focused on telecoms networks and licensing its technology patents.

Nokia decline was partly down due to lack of leadership and the failure which is face up to bad news . All these claims are mentioned by Risto Siilasmaa in his book. He joined the company’s board in 2008.

Risto Siilasmaa wrote the book “Transforming Nokia: The power of paranoid optimism to lead through colossal change,” . This book is far from the business world because of its attack on former CEO and Chairman.

Ristro said that ”  one of Finland’s best known business leaders who once considered running for president and is also a former chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, was quick-tempered and spread fear in the organisation, which curbed open discussion and led to a reluctance to share bthe ad news”.

Siilasmaa claims that he proposed Nokia to look into choosing athe ndroid platform of Google in ythe ear 2009. But Ollila was to carry on the NOkia ‘s own platform Symbian system and dosen;t into his memo. Ollila never discussed this proposal in the board meeting.

Ruined Tradition:

Siilasmaa also claim that Ollila also  sought to prevent his election as chairman in 2012, and yelled at him over pthe hone when he briefed Ollila the following year about the plan to sell the handset business to Microsoft. “Our conversation followed the usual pattern: I tried to be polite; he exploded and yelled that I had ruined his legacy,” Siilasmaa wrote.


Ollila is now 68 and take terirement from frontline bussiness. He served as Nokia cheif executive from 1992 -2006. And became Chairman of cthe ompany ,o ne year before the launching of fthe irst iphone. He remain on this post until 2012.

On the other hand, Siilasmaa is the founder of Finnish cybersecurity and privacy company F-Secure. Under Siilasmaa’s command, Nokia ended up selling the handset business to Microsoft in 2014. Nokia then bought control of a joint venture with Germany’s Siemens and followed up by acquiring Franco-American Alcatel-Lucent, making itself one of the world’s biggest mobile network makers.

Now Nokia came up again in the competiotion of mobile phone and

new launched mobile phone of Nokia (nokia 2)

launched many models. These new phones got a great response ,m ostly in China  and India. Nokia tries its best to regain its old position.


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