Netflix posted 35% YoY growth and 29 million new paying subscribers


Netflix just posted its annual stats recording a revenue of $16 billion in 2018. That’s around 35% growth year-over-year while doubling its operating profit to $1.6 billion.


The revenue growth is primarily due to an increase in paying subscribers – in 2018 the company lured 29 million new paying subscribers the year and 9 million of them came in the last quarter. Now the current count of paying subscribers is 139 million and Netflix expects around 8.9 million to come in this quarter.

The streaming company also boasted about the success of Bird Box, which earned 45 million views in the first seven days of its release and foresees 80 million more views in the first four weeks. Another great success is the Spanish original film Elite – 20 million views in the first four weeks.

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