Microsoft- 2nd Most Valuable Company Of U.S After Overtaking Amazon

amazon vs microsoft

Mimicrosoft buildingcrosoft Corp regained its spot as the second most valuable U.S. company on Friday after a disappointing quarterly report from wiped $65 billion off the online retailer’s market capitalization.

Amazon Dropdown:

Amazon’s shares dropped 7 percent, the most in nearly three years after itsamazon holiday season sales outlook missed targets, fanning concerns that Wall Street’s tech darlings are finally starting to face stronger competition.

Amazon was worth $805 billion on Friday, after falling below Microsoft’s in extended trade on Thursday. The drop was equivalent to the combined values of Target Corp and Corning Inc.

Amazon’s tumble left it up around 40 percent year to date, while Microsoft has gained about 25 percent in 2018. On Wednesday, Amazon’s stock traded at the equivalent of 70 times expected earnings, its lowest level since 2011.



Microsoft fell a more modest 1.1 percent in a broad technology sell-off that was also driven by a weaker-than-expected report from Google-parent Alphabet Inc, leaving the Nasdaq composite index down 1.9 percent late Friday logo

Shares of Microsoft remain up nearly 4 percent from Wednesday, when the four-decade-old software company beat quarterly profit expectations, driven by its cloud computing business that competes with Amazon’s.

Its stock market value on Friday stood at $823 billion, on track to close above Amazon’s for the first time since April, when it gave up its spot as second largest company by market capitalization.

Microsoft cruised past analyst expectations for its quarterly financials this week, powered by a variety of areas such as gaming, cloud and its Surface hardware division. However, Microsoft’s stock still dropped slightly Friday and for the week as a whole, fitting with the broader sell-off.

Microsoft also passed Google parent Alphabet in market capitalization for the first time in three years on Tuesday, reflecting the company’s continued surge as it invests heavily in cloud and AI technology.


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The average analyst price target for Microsoft puts its market cap at $963 billion, while the average price target for Amazon values it at $1.068 trillion.


Apple Inc tops the list at over $1 trillion after crossing that threshold in inc. Microsoft’s market capitalization was Wall Street’s highest in late 1998 through early 2000 before the dot-cobubm ble burst.

Apple will report quarterly results on November 1.


(2018 worldwide ranking; source:- forbes)


Rank Brand Brand Value 1-Yr Value Change Brand Revenue Company Advertising Industry
#1 Apple $182.8 B 8% $228.6 B Technology
#2 Google $132.1 B 30% $97.2 B $5.1 B Technology
#3 Microsoft $104.9 B 21% $98.4 B $1.5 B Technology
#4 Facebook $94.8 B 29% $35.7 B $324 M Technology
#5 Amazon $70.9 B 31% $169.3 B $6.3 B Technology
#6 Coca-Cola $57.3 B 2% $23.4 B $4 B Beverages
#7 Samsung $47.6 B 25% $203.4 B $4.5 B Technology
#8 Disney $47.5 B 8% $30.4 B $2.6 B Leisure
#9 Toyota $44.7 B 9% $176.4 B $3.8 B Automotive
#10 AT&T $41.9 B 14% $160.5 B $3.8 B Telecom




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